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Tucson Therapy Pricing


  • $35.00 for 30 minute session
  • $65.00 for 60 minute session
  • All Sessions Include:

  • Private shower/changing room

  • Cardio warm up with tv, music, or quiet time on an elliptical, cross trainer, spin bike, recumbent bike, or treadmill

  • Personalized session with me for 30 minutes. ( If 30 minutes is not enough, I encourage you to schedule 2 sessions back to back for a full hour!)

  • After cardio time

  • Your choice of music, room temperature, and personal fan control.

  • In home or office training available.

  • 2-on-1 sessions are available for an additional $10.00.  Not only will your per person/session price be lower, you can schedule more sessions for the same price as working out 1-on-1 and have a training partner to help you with your homework!!!


  • $35.00 for 30 minute session
  • $65.00 for 60 minute session
  • $95.00 for 90 minute session
    Outcalls available

  • DETOX:

  • $35.00 per session, per person
  • This lasts about 45 minutes and is extremely relaxing.  You body and your feet will thank you.  Your feet are in a tub with warm (your choice of temperature) salt water.  Positive and negative ions circulate in the water to pull out toxins through the pores of your feet and bond with them so they can be washed away after your soak. 
    It'll feel like a first class pedicure... but I don't do nails!